Numeum and its partners are launching this Ethical AI initiative to provide committed actors in the field with a practical tool to help them design, develop and operate artificial intelligence systems that respect fundamental human rights.


A manifesto to formalise a commitment

A practical guide to the methodology and tools

A community to move forward together

Presentation of the initiative

Ethical AI is an original new project involving a network of partners (professional bodies, educational institutions, inter-disciplinary AI institutes, associations, foundations, think tanks, etc.) who are committed to creating a more responsible digital world. Its aim is to support “makers of AI” who want to place ethics at the heart of their activities and ensure that operational AI applications follow a set of general ethical principles based on existing work and practical methods and tools.

Those who decide to make the commitment and sign the manifesto gain free access to the Practical Guide to Ethical AI and join a community of actors committed to the development and promotion of more responsible AI solutions.

The partners

The commitments




To implement the methodology and, whenever they are applicable, the recommendations in the Practical Guide to Ethical AI published by Numeum and co-constructed with the representatives of the AI ecosystem in France.



To value and promote the ethical dimension of the AI solutions that my organisation designs/and or deploys and/or administers and/or for which it provides training;



To contribute to the improvement of the state of the art of AI ethics, in particular by having a representative of my organisation participate in revising and enhancing the aforementioned guide. This work will be based on the information shared by the members of the collective of signatories of the Manifesto, e.g. feedback, theoretical developments, etc.


The strength of a collective


This initiative by Numeum and its partners has allowed the formation of a network of actors from different AI worlds. It is supported by the Coordinator of France’s National AI Strategy, Renaud VEDEL.

11 partners

15 collective intelligence sessions

80 organisations mobilised

360 participants

Want to contribute and make a commitment?

Whether you represent a company, an organisation that is part of the digital ecosystem or an organisation providing training in AI systems, you can formalise your commitment by signing the Manifesto for Ethical AI and in doing so access free resources such as the Practical Guide and workshops organised to exchange on the issues.