The Practical Guide to Ethical AI

Numeum and its partners offer a unique free tool to help you put your ambitions into practice.

Numeum has formed a network of partners from different AI worlds – academia, public authorities, companies, the voluntary sector and civil society. The numerous exchanges between them and the sharing of their experience have culminated in the creation of a practical guide that proposes a useful method for implementing the main ethical principles when designing, developing and deploying AI solutions.

The guide therefore constitutes a voluntary code of conduct for developing the trustworthy AI systems encouraged by the European Commission[1]. Thanks to the credibility of the partners backing the initiative, we believe it has the potential to become the accepted baseline in France and beyond.

This initiative to give AI tangible ethical credentials enhances our approach to developing a more accountable digital world. It constitutes a key step in the anticipation and preparation of compliance with the future general regulation on AI recently proposed by the European Commission.


Want to contribute and make a commitment?


Whether you represent a company, an organisation that is part of the digital ecosystem or an organisation providing training in AI systems, you can formalise your commitment by signing the Manifesto for Ethical AI and in doing so access free resources such as the Practical Guide and workshops organised to exchange on the issues.