Organizations committed to ethical AI

Bringing unprecedented progress, AI is spreading in all spheres of our daily lives, raising the legitimate question of the trust that humans can have in these systems. To fully flourish, AI must therefore be ethical: this is one of the essential conditions that will allow it to keep all its promises for the benefit of the greatest number.

To respond to this, the solutions developed must respect the fundamental rights defended, in particular, by France and the European Union. But the task is difficult when it comes to moving from theory to practice. It is therefore with the same determination that motivates them to advance technology that AI players are mobilizing to define and implement an operational framework for creating and disseminating ethical AI.

Want to contribute and make a commitment?


Whether you represent a company, an organisation that is part of the digital ecosystem or an organisation providing training in AI systems, you can formalise your commitment by signing the Manifesto for Ethical AI and in doing so access free resources such as the Practical Guide and workshops organised to exchange on the issues.